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Message from Tilley Pain our new Commodore

Welcome back to another year of sailing. I would like to introduce myself to those who do not know me.This year the new committee will continue to operationalise the Strategic Plan commissioned by the previous committee under the commodore-ship of Jim Barsi. We will focus on Strategic Goals 3. Increase participation 4.Promote awareness of sailing and the club 5.Develop revenue streams

 Several of the strategic goals have already been acheived through the Discover Sailing program. Most notably

 - regular youth and adult learn to sail classes

 - retention strategy via junior and adult Greenfleet

 - Discover Sailing days to promote the club and recruit new members.

The increased revenue from these activities allows us to pay for the maintenance and upgrading or our boats, Admin Officer and Instructors (However, only some of the instructors are paid). The payment allows our junior members to gain an income instead of working at MacDonalds and gives them valuable experience which may one day translate into a career path.

New  Discover Sailing activities you can expect to see in 2015 include a Tackers program, Women's program and Active Schools. It is going to be a busy year, so come along and enjoy your club and support our activities. A great way to start supporting is to come down this weekend and volunteer for the School Teams Events.

See you on the water soon.  Kind regards,  Tilley

2015 Race Calendar is here 

Thinking of improving your sailing?

2015 Discover Sailing Courses here


NQ Interschool Teams Championships

On the weekend of 7-8 March Townsville Sailing Club is hosting the 1st round then on  28-29 March the finals series of the Interschool series. In the final series we can expect 8 teams in Townsville from the Whitsundays to Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands. The overall winning team from one school will be invited to compete in the Nationals held at RQYS in July

Team sailing 




From the Team at the Tiller

The team at the tiller has already implemented many of the suggestions that arose out of the junior forum. Those who are at that forum will also recognise many of their ideas in the 2015 sailing calendar. One of the requests was that there are occasionally be published details of the topics currently being considered by the club management.

Some of the items considered at the December committee meeting were: –

• It has been decided to buy some new beach trolleys for the Opti training dinghies. Jarrod Cook is currently chasing down quotes to have these manufactured.
• An EFTPOS machine will shortly be installed at the club.
• The 2015 sailing program has been drafted as has the 2015 Discover Sailing program. If you have any strong feelings about the programs then you should email the club as soon as possible.
• The Club Handbook is presently being updated four 2015.
• The club involvement in the secondary schools team sailing continues to increase thanks to the efforts of John and Pam de Rooy and the committee is very supportive of this. Most of this will occur in February March 2015 when the club will not only stage events but also provide volunteers and resources to events in other clubs in North Queensland. There is also an ongoing recruitment program for new schools to be involved. Pimlico State School and grammar school have committed to this involvement also.
• The club has almost finished the projects that were funded by recent grant successes (over $40,000) and you will soon see those improvements around the clubhouse
• There are a number of sub committees (crews) that have been formally endorsed by the management committee (the team at the tiller). These crews organise various activities and events and give a written report back to the team of the tiller each month. Some of these crews do not currently include a member of the Tiller Team so there is ample opportunity for any club member who has an interest in these fields to be involved without committing to attending monthly meetings. These teams and their skippers currently are:

  • Discover Sailing – Jarrod Cook;
  • School Teams Sailing – John de Rooy;
  • Junior Activities and Events – Josh Claus;
  • Sabot Australian Championship – Jim Barsi;
  • 2015 Tasar Australian Championship – Alex Kostin;
  • 2015 Sprint Regatta – Michael Guinea;
  • 2015 Sail Townsville – John Byrne.


The Australian Tasar Championships are coming to Townsville in September 2015. Download the Notice of Race here

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Discover Sailing

Courses now available throughout the year - Adult weekend intensive courses, Junior courses (with different age groups available) throughout each term and Holiday courses which also include other activities as well (beach cricket, soccer in the park and our normal Learn to Sail course).  ......register now......

All courses are available at this link - at the bottom of the page in the "Upcoming Events" with the Discover Sailing & relevant age group in the heading.


Registration is within each event (online) - payment is via the payments page on our website.




Volunteer Position Name/s  Contact Details
Commodore Tilley Pain  email ph.0429 058 195
Club Patron John Byrne  email ph.0427 166 248
Sailing Captain Scott McInerney   email ph.0416 547 644
Junior Captain (Under 19)    
Parents Representative Josh Claus   email ph. 0410 104 471
Volunteer/Roster Manager    
Discover Sailing Principal Jarrod Cook   email ph. 0419 706 667
Discover Sailing Admin    
Venue Coordinator    
Canteen Coordinator    
Facilities & Equipment Coordinator    
Admin Assistant  Christine Franklin  email
Major Regatta/Sail Townsville Coordinator    
Website/Communications Coordinator John de Rooy  email ph. 0418 980 644
Marketing/PR Coordinator    
Class Coordinators
Sabot Coordinator Josh Claus  email ph. 0410 104 471
Laser Coordinator    
Tasar Coordinator Alex Kostin   email ph. 0407 646 030
505 Coordinator    
Cat Coordinator  Mick Guinea  email ph. 0402 071 479



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