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What's on this weekend

This Sunday 5th July at 10am is Cleveland Bay race and the Senior Mono fleet is up for volunteer duty in the canteen and on the safety boats.

Want a close up view of sailing?  Safety boat duty is the way to go!  We promise you that you will be with someone experienced.  We promise you that you will see the fleet up close with great photo opportunities and you can even bring a fishing line if you wish!

If the water makes you a bit squeamish stay on shore and help out for the morning or afternoon at the canteen.  A great way to meet people in the club and have a coffee and cake!

Email aus2281@gmail.com
to let us know!  Please don’t leave it to Sunday to volunteer.  That just leaves us stressing all Friday and Saturday!  Let us know now.  You will enjoy it!


Change start times  for Winter!

Important news!

This Sunday we begin at 10am, but following that all our 2:00pm starts for July/August will be bought forward to 1:30pm.  With the earlier sunsets we have decided to try 1:30pm. We still want to give time for the morning activities but we also don’t want to be de-rigging in the dark!
So …. This Sunday 5th July will be 10:am start but all July and August starts that are currently listed for 2:00pm will be 1:30pm  Spread the word around your fleet!

2015 Race Calendar is here 

Thinking of improving your sailing?

2015 Discover Sailing Courses here

2015 Canteen Roster here



Sailing courses coming up

25th July to 26th July                   Adult/Youth Start Sailing 1&2
12th Sept to 13th Sept                  Adult/Youth Start Sailing 1&2
21st Sept to 25th Sept        YA Course - Tackers 1 - Having Fun
21st Nov to 22nd Nov                    Adult/Youth Start Sailing 1&2

If you know some people keen to start sailing we have set up this table of courses that are now open for bookings. Please spread the word and book into the links above.


 The teams and their skippers currently are:

  • Discover Sailing – Jarrod Cook;
  • School Teams Sailing – John de Rooy;
  • Junior Activities and Events – Josh Claus;
  • 2015 Tasar Australian Championship – Alex Kostin;
  • 2015 Sprint Regatta – Michael Guinea;
  • 2015 Sail Townsville – John Byrne.


The Australian Tasar Championships are coming to Townsville in September 2015. Download the Notice of Race here

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Discover Sailing

Courses now available throughout the year - Adult weekend intensive courses, Junior courses (with different age groups available) throughout each term and Holiday courses which also include other activities as well (beach cricket, soccer in the park and our normal Learn to Sail course).  ......register now......

All courses are available at this link - at the bottom of the page in the "Upcoming Events" with the Discover Sailing & relevant age group in the heading.


Registration is within each event (online) - payment is via the payments page on our website.




Volunteer Position Name/s  Contact Details
Commodore Tilley Pain  email ph.0429 058 195
Club Patron John Byrne  email ph.0427 166 248
Sailing Captain Scott McInerney   email ph.0416 547 644
Junior Captain (Under 19)    
Parents Representative Josh Claus   email ph. 0410 104 471
Volunteer/Roster Manager    
Discover Sailing Principal Jarrod Cook   email ph. 0419 706 667
Discover Sailing Admin    
Venue Coordinator    
Canteen Coordinator  Pam de Rooy  email ph. 0419 254 844
Facilities & Equipment Coordinator    
Admin Assistant  Christine Franklin  email
Sail Townsville Coordinator  John Byrne  email ph.0427 166 248
Regattas Mick Guinea email ph. 0402 071 479
Website/Communications Coordinator John de Rooy  email ph. 0418 980 644
Marketing/PR Coordinator    
Class Coordinators
Sabot Coordinator Josh Claus  email ph. 0410 104 471
Laser Coordinator    
Tasar Coordinator Alex Kostin   email ph. 0407 646 030
505 Coordinator    
Cat Coordinator  Mick Guinea  email ph. 0402 071 479



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